петак, 26. новембар 2010.

Airedale Terrier Grooming, Stripping, Clipping

Airedale terriers have a dense, wiry coat and soft undercoat; therefore, shedding is minimal. Grooming an Airedale should be done on a regular basis, every two or three months.
A stiff bristle brush is used a few times a week in order to keep the airedale's coat in good condition, and bathing is only required when necessary.  Regular brushing  should be done minimum once or twice a week.
The coat is either trimmed by stripping (a process by which the coat is thinned and shortened with a sharp, comb-like tool called a stripping knife), with clippers, or a combination of both.
Regular washing of the beard will help keep it free of food residue.

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Here are some very useful links for video clips, for pet owners who want to try grooming their airedale by themselves: